Become A Partner

Join us in taking God’s Word to the World by becoming a DWM Vision Partner Today!


Take a look around you.

Every day you see people either on your job, on the street, or even in

your own home who need a change in their lives for the better.

 Whether it’s addiction, poverty, sickness, or depression, people are

in search of a power that can authentically change their lives and

bring the kind of freedom and fulfillment they were created to have.

Perhaps even you are in search of a better way of living. We believe that deep within every human

heart there is an inner witness that knows we were made for more, to

achieve greater things, and to live an Abundant Life!

Well…I have “Good News” for you!

There is a POWER that can and will bring about this Life

Transformation. It’s the Word of God! So, the lost must be saved, and

new believers must be developed in the FAITH of God’s Word. That’s

why Dennis West Ministries is committed to first lead people to Jesus

Christ, meeting practical needs, then teaching our world how to

experience God’s best!


  • Your part is to offer daily prayer support for me, the ministry, our staff, and volunteers for God to open doors for us to boldly proclaim the Gospel with signs following.
  • Your part is to send monthly financial contributions that will allow us to take the Word to the World through evangelistic crusades, and a wide variety of media including television, and radio broadcasts, internet and printed media. In addition to feeding the hungry, and clothing the needy.
  • Your part is to support our meetings and events held in your local area, and to help us spread the word about our Life Changing Workshops, Seminars, and Gospel Events.(Volunteers needed on a per case basis)

When you join as a Vision Partner, you will partake of the same anointing, grace, divine favor and supernatural increase that is on this ministry.


  • Continuous, fervent prayer on your behalf, for you and all that concerns you from our entire staff, and prayer team
  • Exclusive access to Private Partner Conference Calls on our Breakthrough Prayer Line!

Monthly you will receive one or more of the following:

  • A monthly Newsletter
  • A Powerful Monthly Teaching CD
  • A private copy of one of our awesome Concerts, Crusades or Gospel Events!
  • Free Admission and/or Discounts to our Exclusive Partner Affairs, Meetings, Life Changing Workshops, Seminars, conferences, and our awesome Gospel Events.

Through the Power of Partnership, together we can change lives forever!